Private rooms and big salons with garden and terrace.

QGAT has a great variety of private rooms and lounges to celebrate events according to the number of atendees and type of celebration.
In any of our very bright spaces you will feel comfortable.
You are able to choose between celebrating a private event gathering from 10 guests on in any of our welcoming rooms, or even celebrating in style in our Great Augusta Lounge, which seats 400.
Feel free to decide on having an indoor celebration in any room or lounge available according to your necessities. Outdoors in any of our beautiful gardens or terraces. Or even a perfect combination of both.
Depending of the gastronomy and your preference.

In our 10 years of experiencie, we learned that the most important in each celebration is that exist… One place, one ambient, one space to organize the perfect celebration.
For that reason we love to know the people who want come to our restaurant to organize an event.
Is in that case when we can offer the best solution.

Our very qualified staff will provide whatever is necessary to offer you a perfect and unforgettable celebration to all your guests.