1th October – Interview with Sukh, first chef at Qgat Restaurant.

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“In the kitchen, the most important thing is concentration, calm, organization, total harmony with your team”

Sukh, is the person who makes the menu of our restaurant, who organizes the Qgat restaurant team and who has created much of the menu and event menus until then.

· Sukh, thanks for devoting part of your time, about your beginnings in the kitchen, which makes Sukh become a chef?

The first time I was working in the kitchens was in my country, (India) in the city where I grew up, in Punjab. I worked as a kitchen assistant, and I was fascinated by the aromas, the spices, the use of natural herbs, to improve the flavor of the dishes…

Do you think that your childhood in Punjab has conditioned your current way of cooking?

(laughs) Today I am fully integrated in Mediterranean life and in the kitchen here, I lived more than 15 years in Catalonia. However, it is true that I still cook with many typical ingredients of India. Both at home and at work, I use curry, but it is also true that I love the natural herbs typical of this land. The rosemary, the thyme, the laurel, it is amazing what can be done with these herbs.

· What is your favorite ingredient for cooking?

Well, that is exactly what we have said. My favorite ingredients are the natural herbs. The preparation of the dish takes an exponential leap when you use the aromatic herbs correctly.

· What is it and how is it made “El huerto de las bravas”?

The orchard of the wild, is a dish that has had enough travel in our restaurant, the recipe is from a chef before me, although in this time we have worked hard to adapt and improve it. Currently we only serve it in special events, such as weddings or dinners of large groups that ask for them.

· What do you consider to be the most important at the time of cooking?

The concentration, the calm, the organization, the total harmony with your team.

· What do you think of programs like Masterchef?

Well, I have nothing to say, it is a program that provides an opportunity to a few and teaches thousands of people the difficulties of a kitchen. I also have a great appreciation to the chef Jordi Cruz, which I think is an excellent chef.

· Do you have any reference or a famous chef in which you notice when cooking?

The most important chef and I value most are those who work in this team in Qgat, the second Eric kitchen … all … They are all very good and the most important thing is to make good team with them, is one of the keys In a kitchen, look at yourself, cook with your team, improve with them and be part of a great team.

· Did you imagine when you started your steps in the kitchen in Punjab that you would become the first cook in a restaurant like the Qgat?

Well, the truth, no. I did not even think about it. Things have been developing very fast for me, I arrived in Catalunya, without knowing the language, I had to learn through short courses and working as a kitchen assistant in many places. I always kept the illusion for what I did, to this day.

· Sukh, what do you do best? What is your star dish?

The rice (pause ..) The rice, no doubt. The Lola rice that we serve on the weekend menu, or any other type of rice.
The meat grill is also an interesting dish. I put a lot of effort into the different cooking points and the use of natural herbs.

Sukh, thank you very much.

Sukh goes to the kitchen with a smile.
Seeing it, you can see a huge mental balance so necessary in the kitchen. In his eyes a shine to enjoy in his work, in continuous fight every day to improve every aspect of their dishes.